The Adventures of Jaba

Location: San Jose, California, United States

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Holiday Happenings

Well, Jaba and I have been really busy. The closing of the fall college semester was a buzz of activity for us. But after that, the fun began. We attended a local parade where there was a group of CCI dogs entered. I believe there was about 20 dogs representing CCI. Each one was dressed up somehow. Jaba had a Santa hat and a collar with a bell attached. We won the award for the best animal entry.....for the second year in a row!
Then Jaba and I attended a school Christmas party. I love taking Jaba places because he always seems to be the center of attention. It's amazing to see a dog so well-behaved. That's just a testament of the great breeding and training he's had. In a room crowded with people, Jaba laid calmly at my feet until it was time to mingle. Then he got up and went around the room with me. He didn't even give the food a glance and the family dog at this house didn't phase him either. I was so proud of my handsome date with a eye-catching red scarf.
Our next activity was a trip to Utah the week before Christmas to visit my sister. The temperature hovered between 15 and 45 degrees. Jaba didn't seem to mind that. The snow wasn't a problem either. Everyone he met on the trip was impressed with Jaba. I even met a flight attendant who is a puppy raiser! I always seem to meet people who have some connection with CCI. Puppy raisers, financial donors, families of people with service dogs......everyone. I love it.
Back at home for Christmas, Jaba has become a fully integrated part of the family. Even though he is my dog. He had his own stocking with a Black Lab head attached. He got some gifts as well.......Squeaky toys, his favorite!! A friend of mine even included him when she gave me a gift. He got a cute little brush in the shape of a puppy paw! How thoughtful that friends even would think about him.
My wonderful pup is so incredibly mellow. I kept him up on New Year's until 5:30am while talking with my best friend, who came over to bring in the New Year with me. I'm sure my friend wasn't the only one to be glad to hear that it was finally time to get to bed. Jaba had no problem going into his crate and resting. Thankfully, I think he's getting used to his Mom's ability to participate in marathon talking events.
I am so thankful for my four-legged friend. He has been such a blessing to me. I can't imagine life without him now.