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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Jaba's Job Description

Name: Jaba "the Hutt" Anderson
Age: 2 1/2 years
Sex: Male
Breed: Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix
Title: Service Dog and Faithful Companion

Background/Credentials: Was trained by several qualified individuals for two years before being appointed to his current position. Received basic training until he was 18 months and then went to advance "puppy college" training until he was two years. He was a great student, completing all work and passing all exams with flying colors. At the end of his courses, he was approved to advance to full-time work.

Responsibilities: This talented gentleman has quite the work load. He is on-call 24 hours a day. His duties include helping his boss pick up things that she drops, conserving energy by turning lights on and off, giving her opportunities by opening doors for her (and shutting them when necessary) and giving her a hand by carrying things. He saves the strength of his boss by pulling her around at times. He also handles many of her financial transations. His biggest responsibility, though, is to maintain a continual alertness so as to be ready to help his boss in whatever way she asks.

Benefits: Jaba gets free room and board in a two-story house. He also has all medical expenses paid for. He gets to travel wherever and whenever his boss does. All travel costs are taken care of. His work hours are flexible, though he does work weekends. Though the details aren't ironed out completely, his retirement plans are secure. He knows his boss will set something up that will give him the best possible life.

Special talents: Jaba is a natural clown. He can easily make people laugh. He naturally draws people to himself. He helps his boss connect with others. He aims to please. He'll cuddle for as long as his boss will let him. His ability to change roles at one word is incredible. When necessary, he's able to keep his instincts in-check. He also watches out for his boss. He's taken on a role not in his responsibilities. He alerts his boss if something drops without her knowing. He's saved her lunch several times with this skill. One talent he thinks he possesses is mind-reading. He tries to anticipate what will be asked of him, but this has gotten him into trouble a few times.


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